2021 planning

Planning for 2021 class structures and human resourcing has now commenced. While the final structure of classes will depend largely on the number of enrolments we have in each year level, with our year 6 and 7 student cohorts graduating together in 2021, we will be giving careful consideration to the unique needs of these students and families next year. Thank you to those parents/caregivers who have already provided some valuable feedback and/or asked questions regarding our 2021 structures – we will be doing our best to balance the needs of all concerned for the best possible outcomes for our students. It remains very important that we know about any families leaving us at the end of the year, so please let us know if your children will not be enrolled with us again in 2021.

Emergency procedures

Please ensure you and your children are familiar with our updated rapid action emergency plan. This plan will be enacted in the event that a positive COVID case is confirmed in our school, and/or for any similar emergency situation that requires us to immediately evacuate the site. The aim of the plan is to safely move all students and staff off-site in the most efficient manner possible, through the following key actions:

  • Immediately notifying Parents/Carers by Seesaw, Skoolbag and email
  • Returning all students to their home classes
  • Assigning designated support staff to all entry/exit points (excluding Diagonal Road carpark gate)
  • Opening Keynes Avenue (crossing, Western Oval and canteen) and Urban Camp gates for access into the school
  • Directing all parents/caregivers immediately to classrooms to sign-out their child/ren with class teacher/s
  • Students/parents/caregivers to exit site through nearest available exit point once sign-out from classroom

We must have the current names and contact details of all parents/caregivers on our school system. Please contact our administration team immediately if you need to update your family’s details.
If not personally picking up their child/ren during an emergency rapid evacuation, parents must use Seesaw to communicate consent with individual class teachers for child/ren to be collected by a third party. If no notification is received, students will remain on site until administration staff can contact parents/caregivers to confirm consent.
If your child usually returns home from school independently or is collected by someone other than a primary parent/caregiver listed on our system, you can provide advanced consent for this to occur during a rapid emergency evacuation by returning a CONSENT FOR INDEPENDENT STUDENT DEPARTURE OR DELEGATED COLLECTION PERSONS, 2020.

Science week

National Science Week is next week (15-23 August) and the theme is “Deep Blue – innovation for the future of our oceans”. All classes will be producing an artifact of learning for an exhibition in our Resource Centre in week 9 . There will also be a gold coin donation casual day on Friday (21 August) with the theme: “Deep Blue” to help celebrate the week, with all donations to go towards a Science teaching and learning resource for our library.

Warm regards,
Josh Vick – Principal