Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It has been a very challenging term for everyone in our school community, but your collective support, encouragement and cooperation has been critical in helping us maintain a level of continuity for our students, whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of all.

Reports and Interviews

Reports have been sent home today, if your child was absent you may pick up their report on Monday 6 July or Tuesday 7 July, or wait until the beginning of next term. Due to the varying methods of delivery and opportunities for consistent assessment, this semester’s academic report is modified with only 1 general comment and subject grades for years 1 to 7.

School interviews will be offered in week 5 term 3, Monday 17 – 21 August . The booking schedule will follow the same format as term 1. Information on how to book will be sent out early next term.

Flipped eating & canteen survey

Thank you to those who took the time to respond to our flipped eating trial and canteen survey. With consideration to the feedback received, we will return to eating before the play breaks in term 3. The canteen will continue to operate Wednesday to Fridays, with lunch orders available second breaks on these days. A meeting is scheduled early next week to review canteen operations and discuss the return of some over the counter sales in term 3. When completing lunch orders, we still encourage the use of QKR.

External School Review – Mon 27 & Tue 28 July (T3W2)

In week 2 term 3, our school will be externally reviewed by The Department for Education. This process involves discussions with students, staff, Governing Council and families about all aspects of school operation and improvement planning. Recommendations from the review panel will be invaluable in helping us to set our future directions for on-going improvement and excellence.

Breakfast club

Our much-loved breakfast club will return next term, starting Wednesday 22nd July. To comply with COVID-19 guidelines, there will be some changes, with takeaway toasted sandwiches (cheese, pizza toast, fried egg), cut up fruit in a bag, milo, milk and apple juice. There will be tables and chairs for children to sit at, but we are not permitted to allow parents inside the Gym at this stage. The entrance will be through the main door and exit through the back door. Children will need to wash their hands before entering and we continue to ask that you not send your children if they are unwell. Student leaders will be assisting with the setup of the Gym and organisational aspects of the program.

Staff update

Room 13: Natasha Pearce will be taking leave in terms 3 and 4, to join her partner in Western Australia. I know Natasha has not made this decision lightly, with her connection with and concern for the students in Room 13 making it all the more difficult. We have moved quickly to secure the services of the highly experienced Paulie Bolton, who we have recommended to HR for Mondays to Thursdays in Natasha’s absence. Paulie has been teaching in a year 2 class at Glenelg this year. She knows our school well and has established relationships with many of our students and staff. Paulie will be ably supported by Brooke Bottrell who will teach the class on Fridays. Brooke has completed a number of relief days in Room 13 already this year and also has established relationships with many of you through her work as both a temporary teacher and our OSHC Director. I hope you will join me in extending the best of wishes to Natasha, as well as support Paulie, Brooke and our students to negotiate this change.

Room 18: I am pleased to confirm that Caroline Swinburne will return to teaching in Room 18, Mondays to Wednesdays from the beginning of next term. Dena Duthoit who has done a great job supporting the students in Room 18 this term will be staying on to teach Thursdays and Fridays. Caroline and Dena are looking forward to working together in Term 3, and like all of our classroom teachers, will continue to share learning and communicate with parents via Seesaw.

With kindest regards,

Josh Vick – Principal

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